Women Activist/pacifist Sankalpa Award

Sankalpa decided to give award to five outstanding local level women activist from five development region in every two years to encourage and honour their incredible work at local level. Woman Activist/Pacifist Sankalpa award was first launched on 2011 at the celebration event to mark the birth of Sankalpa. The award was accompanied by a cash prize of Rupees 24,000 broken down as a monthly stipend of Rs. 2000 throughout the year of the award and a citation certificate.   This award will be given every 2 years to mark every alternate 21 September or, the International Peace Day. The activists were nominated by the MOs of Sankalpa on the basis of diversity, experiences, geographical variation and their outstanding work in the related field. The final selection was made by an Independent Committee comprising of Sankalpa members, staff team and external reviewer Dr Chandra Bhadra and Tulsa Lata Amatya.

Following are women activist are awarded with Women Activist/pacifist Sankalpa Award:

Bimala Parajuli

Eastern Region

Parjuli associated with WHR has formed 200 single women groups and has been advocating for their rights. She works as mediator between Madhesi and Pahadi Community. She had brought issues of conflict affected women in decision making level and was successful in providing justice to 100 of victim women through public hearing and also served for Koshi flood victim.

Jamuna Titung

Central Region

TItung associated with NDWA had worked for the women with disabilities in the areas like capacity building, leadership development. She had worked as sign language interpreter and also worked for rights of gender and disability.

Taira Khatun

Western Region

Khatun associated with Nagarik Aawaz had worked for the rights of Muslim women in the areas of women empowerment, education, health and capacity building. During Conflict 14 women who were mentally sick due to tortured were recommended to KTM for treatment through her initiation.

Parbati Kumari Bisunke

Mid-Western Region

Bisunke associated with FEDO had worked for the treatment of mentally sick women during conflict. She had also worked for the rights of conflict affected and displaced people and is creating awareness on constitutional issues and women rights in constitution. In 2066 B.S., eleven people were died due to diarrhoea then she worked for awareness and sanitation, now this disease was eliminated in the area.

Logshari Kunwar

Far –Western Region

Kunwar associated with WWJ is frequently writing on the issues of women violence, human rights and social welfare.   She has been in the field of journalism since nine years. She is the first woman journalist in Kailali district playing role of editor /publisher and advocating for the women rights and justice. Many people have got relief from injustice and inequality from her inspirational and factual writings.

Posing for photograph after receiving award

Untitled 1

(from left Ms Bimala Parajuli, Mother of Pravati Kumari Bisunke, Ms Jamuna Titung, Ms Tahira Khatun, Ms Logshari Kunwar)

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National Consultation with women Leaders