Felicitation Program to New Executive Committee

On 19th December, Sankalpa organized a felicitation program to congratulate and welcome new Executive committee of Sankalpa. Representatives from government agencies, women rights Activist, political parties, I/NGOs, Donor Agencies, journalist took part in the program. Guest  from different political and nonpolitical oragnaization.To name a few Jaya puri gharti (CPN UML),Hisila Yami(NayaShakti),Puspa Bhusal(NepaliCongress),Dr.Madhavi Bhatta(Truth & reconciliation Commission)Dr,professorBishnu Pathak(TRC),Kamala Bisht (RNE)Rita Rai (Idea International) congratulates newly elected board and thank to the previous board for successfully completing the tenure. Also, showed their solidarity in women’s moment and look forward to work together with Sankalpa.


2nd Convention of Sankalpa 

From the recent convention, an executive committee consisting of fifteen members had been formed for a term of 2 years under the leadership of Ms.Lily Thapa.

The rest of elected Executive members are Stella Tamang(Senior Vice Chair ),Sangeeta Lama(Vice Chair),Shobha Basnet(General Secretary),Usha Rawot(Secretary),Suni lama(treasurer)and others member are namely Dr.Chhatra Amatya, Ms.Mohamadi Siddique, Dr.Sumitra Mandandhar Gurung,Ms.Maimoona Siddique,Dr.Madhuri Singh,Ms.Nirmala Dhital,Ms.Chinimaya Majhi,Ms.Nirmalai Dhungana & Ms.Kala Swonarkar.



Discussion Program on “Political Violence Against Women”

On 8th December 2016, Sankalpa Organized discussion program on Political violence against women at trade tower in Thapathali.This program was organized with the objective to raise awareness among women on violence against women in politics; to understand the context, nature, cause of violence against women in politics through discussion in the plenary. Identify underlying cause of Political Violence against Women (PVAW) and measures to combat (PVAW) through discussions. Particpants were from different political parties, women rights organization, CSOs, Academic institution. They discussed about their experiences about violence against them within the political spectrum and ways to combat political violence.


National Consultation 

National Consultation on "thematic issues based on constitution and other women related policies " was successfully organized among 72 particpants on 14th September at Hotel Annapurna,Durbarmarg.Consultation was inaugurated by former chair of constituent assembly and member of parliament Subash Chandra Newang.Program was Chaired by Sankalpa's Chair Ms.Durga Sob.The main objectives of the program was to finalize the gap in constitution and women related policies,acts & regulations.

Representatives from five development region presented paper on the concerns & recommendations discussed & finalize during regional consultations.Most of the region focus on the issues of meaningful participation of women in decision making level from local to central level,women candidacy in local election and women only constituency in local and provincial election.Women leaders from different political party,women rights activist and government officials actively particpated & discussed on the issues & agenda of women.



Regional Consultation 

Sankalpa organized regional consultation on" Thematic Issues Based on the Constitution and Other Women Related Issues" in five regions; Eastern-Morang, Western-Gorkha, Mid-West- Banke, Far-West-Kailali and Central- Chitwan. In the consultations, altogether 175 participants representing from Sankalpa’s regional networks Sankalpa's ,member organizations,   district focal persons, and other women activists were participated from different districts.  Regional consultations were based on the paper analyzed by Sankalpa on the thematic issues of women relating to constitution and other women related policies. The main objective of this consultations were to identify gaps and lacks, opportunities and obstacles in the new constitution of Nepal from women lenses, Strategically plan for women at least 33% of representation in the upcoming election, specially local election, provinces and federal and strengthened networks and alliance. Apart from this, to bring regional/local issues, concerns and recommendations from regions and incorporate collected recommendation is the aim of this workshop.


Regional Networks Reformation

 ‘Sankalpa’ – Women’s Alliance for Peace, Justice, and Democracy, an alliance of diverse women’s organization has reformed its regional networks at five development regions of.....

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Two Days Consultation Workshop 

Two days Consultation Workshop with conflict affected women was a huge sucess.

With the aim to capacitate Conflict Affected Women (CAW) on existing plans and policies in order to access provisioned services for building a better future &  to seek accountability from Truth and Reconciliation (TRC)  Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared (CIEDP), workshop was organized .72 conflict affected women  from 20 different district actively participated in the program. This Program was held on 7th & 8th June at Yak Palace,Pulchowk.


National Consultation with women Leaders 

Sankalpa oraganized national consultation with women's right leaders to prioritize the issues related to women on 13th June at Yak Palace,Pulchowk.During the consultation altogether 52 women’s rights leaders including former woman ministers, woman members of Parliament, political women’s leaders, Women’s leaders from Civil Society organizations discussed on the issues of women focusing on new constitution.The program was chaired by Sankalpa's chair Ms.Dhurga Sob and moderated by Usha Rawat.