Sankalpa- Women’s Alliance for Peace, Justice and Democracy was founded in June 2011 by women’s rights organizations that have worked together in an alliance – Women’s Alliance for Peace, Power, Democracy and Constituent Assembly (WAPPDCA) since 2006. Since its formation, Sankalpa as an alliance has demonstrated its effectiveness by undertaking strategic interventions and activities to capture the momentum of inclusiveness in the post conflict Nepal and within the changing political environment to advance women’s equal power and equal rights. Sankalpa understands that as a network, its strength comes from the work and learning of each of its member organizations and the influence that these organizations have in national policies. The alliance has worked with the mission captured by the slogan 'mission 50-50', proportionate and representative participation of women at all levels of the peace process and state structures. Sankalpa has adopted four distinct approaches to materialize its vision, ’Peaceful, just, equitable and democratic Nepal where women play a decisive and powerful role in governance and politics’, they are: capacity building, movement building, institution building and organization building.


Vision: A peaceful, just, equitable and democratic Nepal where women play a decisive and powerful role in governance and politics.

Mission: Alliance with the mission 50 – 50: women will participate equally in all spheres of Nepali life with focus on increasing their role and contribution in the constitutional bodies and state institutions.

Goal: Increased decisive and powerful role of women in peace, governance and politics

Purpose: Leading women's alliance through inclusive participation and equality for peace, justice and democracy

Implementing Strategies:

  • Institutional Development
  • Advocacy and Lobbying/Networking
  • Research, Documentation and Publication
  • Participatory Intervention
  • Alliance Building
  • Inclusive and respect for diversity


Sankalpa is accredited on Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of United Nation

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National Consultation with women Leaders


National Consultation with women Leaders